Right Tree Africa Program 

The Right Tree Africa Program

The Right Nature-based solution to greenhouse gases emission. The Right of every individual to plant a tree to enhance humanity’s fight against global warming. The Right Tree are those trees that Mother Nature has made indigenous to certain geographic area. The Right People Planting the Right Trees everywhere.

Our Right Tree Program is based on people who have been good stewards to the forest and are professionally trained to plant, oversee, and preserve trees as nature force to reduce our carbon footprint and save our world from Green House Gas Emission.
You can be a part of this Force to cold the raising temperature on Earth.

You can plant the Right trees for several reasons:
•  Just to make your contribution to reducing carbon emissions
•  To honor the birth of a newborn baby
•  As a memorial to a death loved one or friend
•  A gift to Humanity

It is your Right, Plant Trees
1. Plant Right trees for life for a newly born baby.
2. Plant Right trees of love as a gift to that special person.
3. Plant a memorial Right tree in honor of the dead and the future.

Confirmation Certificate is issued to verify that your tree has been planted.
Celebrate Liberia’s Plant a Tree Day on May 10
Celebrate Liberia’s Independent Day Special on July 26 Gifting a Tree to the Mother Liberia will help keep Liberia as the leading Green Forest Country in West Africa.

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Republic of Liberia, West Africa